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Golborne Community Champions If your New Yearís resolution is to give something back to your community, why not take a look at volunteering opportunities with Community Champions or Maternity Champions. Based at the Venture Centre on Wornington Road, the Champions work in Golborne Ward to improve local health and wellbeing.

The Community Champions project works to create a healthy, happy Golborne by organising events for residents of Wornington Green and Swinbrook. These offer health and wellbeing messages to our family, friends and neighbours and are also lots of fun.

Volunteers can offer as much of their time as suits them and you donít need any particular experience to join in. A range of training opportunities are available for volunteers. These include Level 2 qualifications from the Royal Society for Public Health in Understanding Health Improvement and in Understanding Behaviour Change. Level 2 qualifications are also available in Food Hygiene Mental Health and First Aid.

Maternity Champions Thereís also a Maternity Champions programme based at the Venture Centre. Maternity Champions offer support to expectant and new parents with all the joys (and stresses!) of parenthood.

The Maternity Champions programmes includes activities like buggy walks, exercise and nutrition sessions with your baby, yoga for pre- and post-pregnancy, support with GP services and childrenís health for life workshops led by doctors.

And there are training opportunities for Maternity Champions volunteers. The National Childbirth Trust offers Open College Network accredited courses such as Birth and Beyond Community Supporter, Breast Feeding Peer Supporter. In addition, training in safeguarding up to level 3 and in perinatal mental health is available.

To find out more about becoming a Community Champion email Martyn Cheesman at martyn@venturecentre.org.uk or if youíre interested in being a Maternity Champion email Michelle Poponne at michelle@venturecentre.org.uk.

Golborne Community Champions

Venture Centre
103A Wornington Road
London W10 5YB
020 8960 3234.