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The Golborne Banksy, not long after it first appeared

Golborne’s Banksy on the move

Golborne’s very own Banksy, which appeared on the side of 274 Portobello Road back in 2007, is to be moved. But it’s not going far – just one storey up on the same building. Luxury property developers Enstar Capital are behind the scheme.

The property at 274 Portobello Road is to be developed in a £6.5 million project to create two flats with restaurant space at the ground floor level. The ground floor is currently occupied by Falafel King. Planning permission was granted for the scheme, which will go under the name of Sartoria House, in April. Work is scheduled to start in the autumn.

Golborne Banksy as it will look

Some people have their doubts about the scheme. Speaking to the Evening Standard, local campaigner Huey Walker said, “Who puts the value on street art? It’s a bit weird it’s going to be used as a feature to sell really expensive housing. We need housing for ordinary people.” Banksy himself is yet to comment.

The shop at 274 Portobello used to be the site of a chemist. It achieved unwelcome fame in the early 1950s because it was said to have been the shop where 10 Rillington Place serial killer John Christie bought drugs to disable his victims before strangling them.


2007 Golborne Life article