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Portobello Business Centre now has a dedicated member of staff who is offering bespoke support to businesses in North Kensington. He is Stuart Woodrow and he has taken the new role of North Kensington Business Champion.

Stuart formerly worked as a consultant on the Grenfell Businesses Support Project, so he has good knowledge of North Kensington and its particular business challenges. Working in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea Council, PBC has created this new role in response to local businesses which are looking for advice, mentoring and seeking to preserve or create jobs.

Stuart can help with:
Business planning/strategy/survival
Employment issues
Business collaboration
Community involvement
Landlord issues
If you would like a free consultation or if you know a business who is looking for advice or guidance, or would like to be part of a North Kensington business forum, please call Stuart on 07387 396 397 or email him at stuart@pbc.co.uk

Portobello Business Centre
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