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Time to get on your bike?

Cycling is a great way to get around London while you benefit from some exercise. But a new bicycle can cost from £200 upwards, a hefty initial outlay, not to mention the added cost of helmet, lock, and lights. But a new scheme is offering bikes for around £20 per month.

Kensington and Chelsea residents have access to the scheme, Hire to Buyer, from Peddle My Wheels which allows you to get your hands on a bike for around £20 per month, plus the cost of any accessories you order. And that price includes a lesson from a qualified instructor if youíre new to cycling in the city. No interest is charged on the deal.

You can get brand new or nearly new bikes plus all the accessories youíll need to get on the road. And if you decide that cycling is not for you, you can hand back the bike and your monthly payments will come to an end. But if you keep the bike, itís yours once youíve paid the full amount for it.

The bike pictured above is a Dawes Discovery Trail and it normally retails for £249.99. But you can get it from Peddle My Wheels for £18.75 per month for 12 months Ė a total of £225. So now thereís no excuse not to get pedalling!

Find out more about the scheme and choose your bike at Peddle My Wheels