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Morley College North Kensington as it will look when renovation is complete in the autumn

Morley College North Kensington

Take a look at Morley College North Kensington as you walk along Wornington Road, just off Golborne, and you'll see that it's undergoing a major renovation. Work will be complete in the autumn and there will be lots of new courses on offer.

Look out for new Music and Visual Arts courses including opportunities in beatboxing, rap, wax carving for jewellery and kiln-formed glass.

Drop in to the Wornington Road reception to find out more about how you can take up a new hobby, hone an existing skill or completely change your career path. Morley has new intensive courses which can realistically be studied whilst in full-time employment. One such is our level 2 UAL Diploma in Jewellery Design, one of many courses that could provide your new beginning in post-Covid times.

Other courses on offer from September include UAL Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production, Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business and ESOL Level 1 (Speaking and Listening).

For full information about the many courses available at Morley College North Kensington, visit morleycollege.ac.uk