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A greener Acklam Road

The stretch of Acklam Road that runs beside the Swinbrook Estate is due for a green makeover. Swinbrook Estate Residents' Association and the council's environmental services team successfully applied for a grant of £35,000 from the Grow Back Greener Fund. The fund aims to create a green recovery from Covid-19 for London.

The money will pay for up to 15 trees as well as pollinating, woodland and marsh plants and climbers along existing railings. The new greenery will be part of a borough-wide "bee superhighway".

Benefits will include:
- Reduced rainfall runoff to surface drains
- increased biodiversity
- improving air quality
- noise pollution reduced with green screening and new permeable paving to replace concrete

Swinbrook Estate Residents' Association Project Lead Cynthia Dize said, "Air quality is an important issue for Swinbrook Estate residents due to the proximity to the Westway, so the idea of using our Estate Improvement Budget along with extra funding from the Mayor of London and Westway Trust to 'green' Acklam Road was truly welcomed. We hope this project will improve the air, promote nature and look beautiful too."

The project is due to begin in spring 2021 following consultation with local residents. The Council will support Swinbrook Residents' Association to develop and maintain the scheme in coming years.