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Free film premier

Year 6 children at Colville Primary School, some of them from Golborne, have made a film about the history of childrenís play in North Kensington. The premier of One Potato is at the Gate Cinema on Friday 9th December, 10.30 am, and itís free to attend.

The Colville children have made the film with film-making charity Digital Works. The same company made a film with children from Bevington School called Wild West 10 about the history of Golborne.

One Potato explores the history of play in North Kensington over the last 80 years. It includes interviews with local people and some stunning images from the archives of RBK&Cís Local Studies department and elsewhere.

Free premier of One Potato

Friday 9th December, 10.30 am

The Gate Cinema
87 Notting Hill Gate
London, W11 3JZ