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Restaurant review: Palki, 44 Golborne Road, W10

We Londoners love our Indian food so itís a real bonus to have an excellent Indian restaurant on Golborne Road Ė Palki. The fact that they also offer free delivery is even better news for those of us who like to put our feet up and enjoy our curry in the comfort of home.

However, if youíre in the mood to go out, Palki offers a genuinely warm welcome, not to mention a well-stocked bar. Authentic Indian music plays in the background and the picture windows at the front allow a good view of whatís up on the Golborne.

The food hails from a variety of Indian regions and includes several dishes that you donít come across in the standard British Indian repertoire.

Zinuk Malia, mussels on the shell with garlic, spices and lemon juice is one of the more unusual starters, but tried and tested favourites like poppadums (order with mint sauce and mango chutney) and meat samosas are also excellent.

The Chicken Sylhet, a Bangladeshi dish, has a rich sauce flavoured with tamarind and lemon which gives an exotic and pleasingly refreshing flavour. A definite favourite is the Bengali Fish Bhuna, featuring Ayer, a river fish whose sweet flesh is well complemented by the spicy sauce.

The breads are a treat, with the chapatis satisfyingly authentic and the paratha a real tour de force.

And donít just take Golborne Lifeís word for the fact that this Indian restaurant is a cut above the rest. The Evening Standard food critic, Fay Maschler, declared it one of her restaurants of the year in 2006.

Palki, 44 Golborne Road, is open seven days a week, noon to 2.30 PM and 6 to 11.30 PM. Free deliveries are available from 6 to 11.30 PM, with a 10% discount on offer if you go to pick up your order. Call 020 8968 8764 or 020 8968 0393 Ė the menu is available on the restaurantís website.