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New mural on Acklam Road

Students from Kensington Aldridge Academy have brightened up a stretch of Acklam Road with a mural depicting the flags of African and Caribbean nations. The artwork runs along the hoarding on the part of Acklam Road that leads off Portobello Road, where the food market is at weekends.

As well as testing the students' art skills, it's helped them to find out just how diverse the North Kensington community is. And they've learnt a lot about national flags!

The project began in October 2022 as part of Black History Month under the leadership of Kensington Aldridge Academy art teacher Christian Hill. He said, "We are very grateful to Westway Trust for the opportunity to teach young people that they can make a positive difference to the community and that helping out is fun, rewarding and gives them something very positive to associate themselves with."

Kensington Aldridge Academy