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Golborne History
One thousand years of Golborne
A thousand years ago, the area that is now Golborne Ward was part of the great forest of Middlesex. By the middle of the fifteenth century, this forest had been cleared and had been replaced by meadows and farmland

Trellick Tower
Golborne's built heritage
What do a 19th-century cast-iron horse trough on Harrow Road and Trellick Tower have in common? They're both in Golborne ward, and they're both English Heritage listed structures is the answer

The Eagle
What happened to Golborne's pubs?
Up until the mid-1980s, Golborne Ward had at least nine public houses built in the Victorian era, but like many places the number of pubs has fallen steeply. Today we're left with four, the Earl of Portobello, Frames, the Player and the Eagle

The story of the Cobden Club mallet
Golborne Life ran a feature about listed buildings in our area in 2013, which included an entry on the Cobden Club, a Grade II listed structure from 1880. That's when the Cobden Club mallet's globetrotting story emerged

Golborne bomb map
Website maps WWII bombs
Bomb Sight, a fascinating website launched at the end of 2012, maps the bombing that London suffered during the most active part of the World War II Blitz in 1940 and 1941. Golborne Ward suffered eight high explosive bomb hits

Smugglers Way
Where does our rubbish go?
Ever wondered where your rubbish goes? To find out, Golborne Life accepted an invitation to visit the Smugglers Way Materials Recycling Facility in Wandsworth

Robinís eggs
Golborne wildlife - photo feature
You donít have to visit London Zoo to see wildlife. This gallery of birds and insects were photographed in a small garden on the Swinbrook Estate
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