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Graffiti art by Banksy

Banksy comes to Golborne - 28/09/07

Famous graffiti artist Banksy has added a piece of his work to the Golborne landscape. Itís not the first time Ė other examples have appeared on Golborne Road. A couple of years ago, there was a quite memorable, and slightly rude, one of a life-size guardsman, complete with red tunic and bearskin. That only lasted for a few of days before it was painted out.

Despite the fact that Banksy recently sold a painting for £288,000, many will say that graffiti like this should always be removed, regardless of its supposed artistic merit. But this current one, which appears to be a self-satirical view of Banksyís new-found fame as an Ďartistí, is likely to last longer.

Itís on Acklam Road, near Portobello, and seems to have been commissioned by the owner of wall on which it appears. Evidence for this is the fact that it was tagged soon after it was painted, the tag was cleaned off, and then it was covered in perspex.

The fact that a graffiti artist has to have his work protected by a perspex shield from other graffiti practitioners, will strike some as a delicious irony.

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