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Focus on business: Courier Systems

When you walk up the stairs to the offices of Courier Systems on Kensal Road, you don't find a scruffy little room with four blokes shouting down radios. Instead, you step into a large open-plan office with giant plasma screens, around 40 people engrossed in their work and a general atmosphere of quiet efficiency. This is in fact what a modern courier company looks like.

Paul Barton, Sales and Development Manager, has worked with this privately owned company since it was founded 16 years ago. 'I started as an office junior,' he says, 'and things have changed beyond recognition since then.

‘Now we use global positioning technology so that we know where all our drivers are at any one time and digital communications mean that we can show our customers when a delivery has been made, complete with electronic signature, almost instantly.

‘We employ around 60 personnel in the operations part of the company and we have about 250 couriers driving motor bikes and vans and on bicycles who work with us on a self-employed basis, making over 3,000 deliveries each day. Many of our employees are local. We serve a wide range of organisations including EMI, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Charing Cross Hospital and Associated News (publishers of the Standard and the Mail).

‘We’ve made the decision that the company should be carbon neutral. We recycle as much as possible, including engine oil, tyres and batteries from our vehicle fleet. We run one of the largest fleets of bicycle couriers in Central London and we offset our emissions with the Carbon Neutral Company. For us, this is not just good for the environment, it’s good business as well.’

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