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Fiona Hawthorne, Aspects of Carnival

Carnival art on Portobello Wall

A new open-air gallery of artworks is now on display on the Portobello Wall, between Cambridge Gardens and Golborne Road. The exhibition, entitled 'Aspects of Carnival', is by artist Fiona Hawthorne, who lived in North Kensington for 30 years until a recent move to Shepherd's Bush.

Fiona's well qualified to speak to the title of the show since she's run the Fox Carnival float for 15 years. This is apparent in the quality of her work which mixes photography and illustration in an explosion of bright colours. Packed with fascinating detail and multiple local references, these are works that you'll definitely want to view more than once. Her collages cover not just the Carnival but all aspects of the area, and you'll notice plenty of settings from Golborne Road.

Fiona is originally from Northern Ireland, but spent her younger years in Hong Kong, until she arrived in London as a student. "When I came to London and I visited North Kensington, I knew it was where I had to live, which wasn't easy because even back then everyone else wanted to live here too.

Fiona Hawthorne, Aspects of Carnival

"People told me that I'd find London an unfriendly place, but in this neighbourhood I never found that people were always friendly and they still are. This area is such a fantastic mix of people, all with their own stories.

"When the latest Portobello Wall commission was announced I was desperate to get it and delighted when I did. I really felt it was for me. I've tried to create works that offer something for everyone, I really wanted to give something back to the community. Watch out for the little boy with tartan trousers he appears in all 14 pieces!"

This seventh Portobello Wall show is sponsored by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Arts Council. The show will remain in place for six months.

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Fiona Hawthorne's website

If you like to comment on the installation, email arts@rbkc.gov.uk