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The Sensory Garden on the corner of Golborne Road and Elkstone Road where you can learn about growing and gardening.

Go Golborne launched

Go Golborne is a new local campaign led by the Council thatís all about supporting children and families to eat well, keep active and feel good. The campaign has a website with lots of tips on how children can stay healthy and enjoy life and there's a variety of local activities on offer.

One idea the campaign promotes is growing your own food and herbs, and there are some activities on offer to help you do that even if you don't have a garden.

The Sensory Garden on the corner of Golborne Road and Elkstone Road has Summer Sunday activities between 1 and 3pm. You sow seeds, plant bulbs, learn about composting and lots more. Every Wednesday between 1 and 2pm there are sessions for volunteers at the Sensory Garden for those who want to learn about gardening and growing.

On the second Saturday of each month there are drop-in sessions at the orchard planting project on Wornington Road (just behind the Venture Centre) where fruit trees and vegetables are being grown.

The Go Golborne website also features information about eating well, free opportunities for exercise including walking and cycling, and safe places to play.

Go Golborne website