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Golborne Road railway bridge

New gateway for Golborne

Working with local arts organisation BrownBaby and Golborne Ward Councillors, the Golborne Forum has persuaded Kensington and Chelsea Council to abandon plans to clad the Victorian railway bridge with glass reinforced polyester.

Instead, BrownBaby and regeneration partnership Urban Eye will work together to produce three designs for the bridge, which will be repainted and have new lighting installed. There will be public consultation on the designs and BrownBaby will run a variety of arts and heritage projects to involve local people and school children in the bridge renovation.

Commenting on the new proposals, Golborne Forum Chair Susie Parsons said, “We are delighted that the Council has listened to local people and dropped its previous plan to cover Golborne’s historic cast-iron railway bridge with plastic.

“The Forum has been promised a place on the project team and we look forward to working with the Council to make sure that the bridge renovation is done in a way which both respects its heritage and improves this important gateway into Golborne. I can’t wait to see some designs and we will be displaying them on the Golborne Life website as soon as we can.”


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