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Golborne Forum - What's it all about?

Golborne Forum chair Roger Roberts writes to explain what the Forum is all about and appeals for new members to join. The Forum, which publishes this website, works to get a good deal for everyone in Golborne Ward and anyone who lives or works here can join. Golborne Ward is bounded by the Grand Union Canal to the north and east, Ladbroke Grove to the west, and the Westway flyover to the south.

The Golborne Forum has existed for almost 20 years, growing out of a group which oversaw allocation of a government fund to support regeneration projects in the Ward. At the end of that five year Single Regeneration Grant programme - the SRB - The Golborne Forum was founded.

There are five to seven meetings a year which are attended by individuals who live in the area in private and public sector homes, or who have businesses in the area, work for private and community organisations based in Golborne and by people who are interested in the needs of the area. Our members are active in a variety of community issues such as planning applications, community health, social concerns, safety and security.

Members have been represented on a variety of community developments. The first plans for the upgrading of the Golborne Road at the end of the 1990s was confronted by members of the Forum (The SRB) and resulted in these plans being abandoned. When the second plans for the Road were introduced over a decade later, The Forum was active in critiquing and influencing the eventual outcome.

We secured the funding for a community public art installation and coordinated its selection and production. This is The Golborne Friendship Bench which also commemorates our founding Chair, Susie Parsons, and which is sited at the corner of Golborne Road and Elkstone Road. This modern design celebrates the area and is designed to reflect the impact and feel of The Trellick Tower which forms its backdrop. Committee members have been on the selection panel of the Portobello Wall art installation from its inception and we appreciate the way this has enlivened this stretch of Portobello Road.

The Forum offers a community response to issues around planning and other developments which affect the built environment and quality of life in Golborne. Representatives of member organisations aim to work closely with individuals, organisations and businesses in the Ward. We have contributed to the development of the Local Area Review, a number of planning proposals and appeals. We have been successful in ensuring that Athlone Gardens was not lost in the redevelopment of the Wornington Green estate and also watch with the eyes of a "critical friend" the plans from the Borough, the developers and the landlords for the reprovision of social and market homes on this and other sites.

Planning issues are important discussion topics for the Forum and this is of particular importance as the review of the social housing provision in the Borough and this Ward are currently reviewed. There is increased interest and activity in developments in sections of Golborne such as Kensal Road. This is also a time of big changes for public sector tenants as the Borough makes changes to the way it manages its estate.

If you are part of a Residents Association we would welcome your joining out meetings. It is a good way to get your concerns voiced and to meet other residents and representatives of other RAs and organisations so that we have a combined influence on proposed development and improvements in the area.

All of this and other areas of interest brought to The Forum make this an interesting and rewarding group to be part of. More details can be found in Golborne Life, a newsletter about the area which we produce two times a year and also the Golborne Life web site which showcases event and issues in the ward.

Upcoming Golborne Forum Meetings
Our next meeting is on Wednesday 5 February 2020 at The Venture Centre on Wornington Road (entrance on Faraday Road). Meetings are from 6pm to 8 pm and are open to anyone who lives or works in Golborne.

For more information, email info@golbornelife.co.uk