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Haroon Amin of Golborne Pharmacy

Focus on business: Golborne Pharmacy

Haroon Amin has been running the Golborne Pharmacy, partnered by his wife, Nelly, for the last three years; there has been a pharmacy on the site for many years. Its a friendly local pharmacy which offers a personalised service to its customers.

Haroon studied pharmacy in London for three years and then went to work for Boots, though hed long had the idea of setting up on his own.

The chance of taking on this already-established business came up and I thought its now or never, says Haroon. My wife had already been working in the area so we felt it was a neighbourhood where wed be comfortable running a business. We really like it here, we appreciate the diversity and the genuine feeling of neighbourliness that there is everybody seems to know everybody else.

Of course, being a local pharmacist means that I get to meet a real cross-section of people from the neighbourhood and I really enjoy that. When I walk along Golborne Road, there are always plenty of people to say hello to.

Haroon has decided to join the board of Golborne United as a business representative, and he explains why hes done that: Im interested in the issues that effect the neighbourhood and I often hear stories about whats going on in the area. I hope by being a member of the Golborne Forum Board, Ill be better informed. Also, its easy to criticise from the sidelines but I feel that Id rather get involved myself so that I can take informed positions.

Golborne Pharmacy, 106 Golborne Rd
020 8969 8741

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