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Twenty-five years of continuity on Golborne Road

Earlier this year we ran a feature tilted Twenty-five years of change on Golborne Road. It compared photographs of Golborne shops taken by Brian Rybolt 25 years ago in 1998 with how the businesses are now in 2023. But for this feature we've chosen businesses that remain (more or less) the same after a quarter of a century.

Brian Rybolt is a professional photographer and when he tackled this project he was a lecturer at Kensington & Chelsea College on Wornington Road. Using a large-format camera, he photographed almost a every shop on Golborne Road with owners or staff in each shot.

Lisboa Patisserie, 57 Golborne Road - 1998

Lisboa Patisserie, 57 Golborne Road - 2023

Not much change here - still serving excellent coffee, cakes, pastries and sandwiches to connoisseurs of Portuguese fare.

Le Marrakech, 64 Golborne Road - 1998

Le Marrakech, 64 Golborne Road - 2023

Le Marrakech remains as a great place to get all kinds of foods from Morocco and North Africa. Merguez sausages to die for.

Les Couilles du Chien, 65 Golborne Road - 1998

Les Couilles du Chien, 65 Golborne Road - 2023

Speaking to Golborne Life in 2003 Les Couilles du Chien owner then and now Jerome Dodd said, "The name completely baffles French tourists as the phrase has no significance to them. This building was a crack house when I took it over six years ago, so yes, you can say that the area has come up a bit. But it hasn't had all the rough edges planed off."

Clarke, 68 Golborne Road - 1998

Clarke, 68 Golborne Road - 2023

Reg Thackeray has been running this extraordinary shop for more than 45 years. You'll find an intriguing collection of novelty goods, toys and memorabilia including antique tinplate toys, paintings, plaques and glass figurines, which cover every wall and surface in the shop.

Golborne Fisheries, 75 Golborne Road - 1998

Golborne Fisheries, 75 and 77 Golborne Road - 2023

One key differnce here - Golborne Fisheries now occupies two shops instead of one, having expanded into the corner property which was once a DIY shop. The fishmonger continues its long tradition of selling excellent quality fish and seafood of all kinds. You'll struggle to find better quality - or prices - elsewhere. And the friendly knowledgeable fishmongers there are happy to gut and clean your fish, and to offer advice about cooking.