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James FitzGerald of Justebikes

Electric bikes come to Golborne

Justebikes, until now an online company with a showroom in Suffolk, has opened its first shop selling electric-assisted bikes at 318 Portobello Road. The bikes, from a variety of European manufacturers, give you that little bit of help you need when faced with a steep hill.

Company boss James FitzGerald (pictured) got interested in electric bikes when he lived in New Zealand where he designed and built competition cars. His workplace was at the top of a hill so he decided to build his own electric bike with parts salvaged from a scrapyard.

When FitzGerald returned to the UK in 2000, he became more and more interested in electric bikes. As a result he set up his online electric bike retail business.

Pop into the shop and you can test-ride a bike on a simulator or even take one out for a spin to get the measure of it.

318 Portobello Road
London W10 5RU