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Lappings, Lemel & Sweeps

Jewellery students from Kensington and Chelsea College on Wornington Road have made a 40-minute film about Hatton Garden, Lappings, Lemel & Sweeps. The film explores the story of the jewellery trade in Hatton Garden through interviews with designers and makers.

The intriguing title refers to the precious metal retrieved and recycled for use from jewellery workshops. Lappings are the retrievable residues left on polishing mops, lemel is the precious metal dust created by sawing and filing and sweeps are the tiny pieces of metal, which can include gold and silver, swept off the floors.

The students made the film, which was premiered at the Goldsmiths' Centre in Clerkenwell last month, with the assistance of a National Heritage Lottery grant. Arts and educational charity digital:works and staff from the college helped with the production.

One of the students involved, Chris Townsend, wrote on the film's blog, "The filming process has been a very rewarding and interesting one for all involved. I can personally take away from it a knowledge of the long history of Hatton Garden that I would unlikely have without my involvement in the project."

The film will be shown at this year's Portobello Film Festival, which runs from 29th August to 15th September.