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Why buy when you can borrow?

Lots of DIY, gardening and household jobs need a particular tool. It might be a drill, an electric hedge trimmer or a sewing machine. Those items don’t come cheap plus they’ll take up storage space although you only use them occasionally. But Library of Things lets you rent such items at reasonable prices.

Now Library of Things is operating at the Kensington Leisure Centre on Silchester Road.

How it works
1. Register with Library of Things online

2. Choose what you want to borrow from the website and pay online. Examples of cost include £10 per day for a hedge trimmer or a steam cleaner and £5 per day for a cordless drill or a sewing machine.

3. Collect it from lockers at Kensington Leisure Centre. Delivery is also available at a cost here.

4. After you’re finished with the item return it to the Leisure Centre.

Library of Things

Kensington Leisure Centre
Silchester Road, W10 6EX