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Love Supreme moves into old Golborne Road church

Built in 1864, the building at 92 Golborne Road was once a church. Back in 2003 after an extensive refer Stella McCartney, who'd bought the property, moved her fashion design studio there. She still owns the building but moved out some years ago. The latest tenant is Love Supreme Projects which offers yoga classes, chanting, dance and meditation classes.

In London you can end up paying an arm and a leg for yoga classes but Love Supreme Projects has a pricing structure designed to alleviate to the pressure on your finances. Drop-in single classes can be had for as little as £10 — a considerable reduction on the average £18 classes in London cost. Participants can pay more if they can afford it, up to £25.

As the Love Supreme Projects' website puts it, "If you are able to pay more for a class, you will be supporting someone who may not be able to practice otherwise."

You can find about the wide range of yoga disciplines available at Love Supreme Projects' website and book a class online.

Love Supreme Projects website
92 Golborne Road
London W10 5PS
020 3096 0746