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Goodbye Malvern, hello Picasso

The Malvern pub, on Bevington Road at the edge of the Swinbrook estate, has been demolished. It had not been operating as a pub for many years, though the sign at the front claimed it had been around since 1747.

If true, that would have meant it was a country inn in the middle of nowhere since Golborne and Portobello were farmland until the beginning of the 19th century. Certainly, the building that stood on the site until recently is unlikely to have been built earlier than about 1870.

There's no way of knowing how long it took to build but it's a sobering thought that it took little over a fortnight to destroy.

The site will now be used to build ten two-bedroom flats selling for between 375,000 and 450,000 each in a block called The Picasso.

Take a look at some pictures documenting the disappearance of The Malvern.

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