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New art on Portobello Road

The third commission for the Portobello Road Arts Project is ‘Mandala (Dead Space)’ by London-based artist Claire Morgan, who has exhibited around the world.

The work consists of fifteen images of fresh fruit bought from Portobello Market and photographed over a period of two weeks as it decayed. The images illustrate the idea of life leading to decay and then to new life, a theme reflected in the title Mandala, the Sanskrit word for circle.

Claire says of her work, “I like the idea that as a person walks from one end of the wall to the other, the environment changes from the buzz of the marketplace to something less colourful and exciting for a brief time and then back again.”

The art works will be on the Portobello Road wall between Cambridge Gardens and Golborne Road until October 1st. The show has been organised by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Art Service and sponsored by Nuline.

Text 07797 800 647 to let the Arts Service know what you think about this work or email your views

Find out more about Claire’s work at her website