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Three of our favourite market traders

Golborne Road and Portobello markets are central part of our neighbourhood. Here we take a look at three of Golborne Ward’s most popular street traders. We’ve got fish, flowers, coffee and cocktails to choose from.

Golborne Fisheries Stall

If you’re looking for some quality fish and seafood, pay a visit to the Golborne Fisheries stall. It’s on Golborne Road on Fridays and Saturdays and fishmonger Phillipe Low will be on hand to help you make your choices. He’s also a dab hand with the knife when it comes to gutting and preparing your fish.

Originally from Mauritius, Phillipe has been running the stall, which is a satellite of the splendid Golborne Fisheries shop at 75 Golborne Road, for 10 years now. You’ll find his stall right outside Clarke’s shop at 68 Golborne Road. And the selection of fresh seafood includes everything from squid to salmon and sea bass to prawns. Phillipe’s keen prices take some beating as well.

Look out for the large herring gull that hangs around the stall. If Phillipe turns his back for a moment, the gull will be off with whatever it can grab from the stall!

In the Garden

In the Garden brings a welcome splash of colourful blooms and lush foliage to Golborne Road every Friday and Saturday. Their stall is easily one of the most attractive in all of the Portobello and Golborne markets. Mother and daughter duo Nikki and Holly run this plant stall and if you’re looking for something to brighten up your garden, balcony or window box this is the place to come.

Holly and Nikki also offer a full plant design and maintenance service and can plan, install and maintain your garden. Earlier this year the two opened a bricks and mortar shop in West Hampstead at 92 Mill Lane, NW6 1NL.

But they say that they still get the most fun running their Golborne Road stall, located just outside the Couilles du Chien shop at 65 Golborne Road.

Website: In the Garden

Orange Coffee

Mirco Conte is the man behind Orange Coffee and with the orange jacket he always wears, he’s an easy man to spot. Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays his business is located on the food market that’s on the passageway between Portobello Road and Acklam Road.

Master barista Mirco started Orange Coffee in 2007 and his unique selling point is his stall. In fact, it’s not a stall at all. It’s a cleverly converted VW camper, painted orange. That forms the centrepiece of an outdoor café with awnings to protect from any inclement weather.

And at Mirco’s you can get much more than coffee, excellent though that is. He also does a wide range of teas and soft drinks. And if you fancy something stronger, beers, wines and cocktails, ranging from margaritas to mojitos, are all on offer.