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Portobello Wall Art

Tony Thomas is the artist behind the twelfth edition of the Portobello Wall Public Art Project currently exhibiting now on the Portobello Road stretch of wall between Oxford Gardens and Golborne Road. Tony's work embraces technology to make digital links between historic and present day images representing 'Rhythm and Sound'.

Using QR codes and augmented reality Tony brings the sounds of Portobello Road and the surrounding area in North Kensington to life.

"The commission has allowed me to connect to many different communities in West London. Each one makes and enjoys different music from around the world," Tony says. "This includes leading London jazz players, Steel pan from the Caribbean, punk, and digital music.

"Portobello Road reflects the richly diverse community of London and it has been great to be welcomed by all and engage them in my work," Tony continues. "Rhythm and Sound in North Kensington is a community-wide positive thread that runs through the history of the area and is worth celebrating. As John McLaughlin says, 'The mathematics of rhythm are universal. They don't belong to any particular culture'."

Find out more about this artwork at portobellowall.soundartsmedia.com