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A little bit of Portugal on Golborne Road
Portuguese cafe culture has an extablished - and very welcome - place in the life of Golborne. In Portugal itself, cafes are the hub of social life, rather like the traditional British pub. They're the place you go to meet friends, discuss weighty issues and hear the local gossip. And that is very much the atmosphere you'll find at the Lisboa and Oporto, respectively named after the first and second cities of Portugal.

Sitting almost opposite each other on Golborne Road, these two cafes provide the centrepiece of this scene. Both of them have thriving outdoor areas and an authentically Portuguese feel, complete with the ceramic tiles that are such a feature of Portuguese interiors. If you've ever been to Portugal you'll know that the delicious coffee, the irresistible cakes and the tasty snacks are entirely as you'd find them in Lisbon or Porto.

At the Lisboa try one of their custard tarts - surely the best in London. Other cakes are also scrumptious, but it's the custard tarts (pastéis de nata) that lure the sweet-toothed from far and wide. At Oporto, my personal favourite is the toasted croissant with cheese and ham, perhaps a slightly unusual snack but let me assure you, one that is absolutely delicious.

Both cafes serve some of the best coffee - espresso or milky - to be found in west London, and at extremely competitive prices. If you're used to drinking coffee from one of the ubiquitous chain outlets, you'll be amazed at just how good coffee can be when it's made lovingly by people who know what they're doing.
And don't overlook the Lisboa Delicatessen across the road from the café. Here you can get Portuguese beers and wines, the salt cod that is so much a part of traditional Portuguese cuisine and a range of cold meats and cheeses as well as excellent freshly baked bread.

Portugal in Golborne:
Lisboa Delicatessen
54 Golborne Road

Cafe Oporto
62 Golborne Road

Lisboa Cafe
57 Golborne ROad