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The Malvern and the Picasso
The Malvern in 2006 and its replacement, the Picasso, today

What happened to Golborne's pubs?

Up until the mid-1980s, Golborne Ward had at least nine public houses built in the Victorian era, but like many places in Britain the number of pubs has fallen steeply. Today we're left with four, the Earl of Portobello, Frames, the Player and the Eagle. The only pub in Golborne that still sports its original name is the Eagle.

The survivors

The Earl of Portobello

The Earl of Portobello, on Golborne Road by the railway bridge, was originally the Earl of Warwick, but since that shut over a decade ago it's been Golborne House, Golborne Grove and Portobello Bridge until its current identity. Now it's run as a pub with bistro-style food available.

The Earl of Portobello

Frames, on the corner of Kensal Road and Middle Row, was formerly the Village Inn. As well as operating as a pub, Frames offers eight ensuite rooms for rent.

The Playhouse

The Playhouse (just re-opened last month) was the Western Arms. The pub offers shishas in its garden smoking area and plans to host stand-up, movie nights, and acoustic music.

The Eagle

The Eagle, arguably the most traditional of the remaining Golborne pubs, is on the corner of Ladbroke Grove and Telford Road. If all you want is a quiet pint in a non-posh setting, the Eagle is for you.

The casualties

The pubs that have shut, changed use or even disappeared, are the Bevington Arms, the Prince Arthur, the Carnarvon, the Earl Derby and the Malvern.

The Bevington

The Bevington Arms on the corner of Raddington Road and Blagrove Road shut some 25 years ago and was converted to offices. Locals with long memories recall that there was a women-only bar upstairs. The building is now home to a private medical clinic.

Number 10

The Prince Arthur at 10, Golborne Road became Number Ten, which was more of a club than a pub. It's currently in the process of being converted into five flats and two commercial units.

The Fat Badger

The Carnarvon Castle shut over 10 years ago and became the Bed Bar, then the Fat Badger, pictured above in 2008. Since 2011, it's been Pizza East, a restaurant run by international company Soho House which owns hotels, private clubs and spas around the world, as well as the Electric Cinema.

The Earl Derby

The Earl Derby at 50 Bosworth Road changed to the Retro Bar not so long ago, but then closed. This pub has a somewhat more unusual story, in that the Council has refused its owners permission to convert it to flats. An appeal against the Council's decision was dismissed in May.

However, whether the building will return to use as a pub remains to be seen. It's currently being advertised as a "Restaurant property" for let at 35,500 per annum.

The Malvern

The Malvern, a fine old Victorian boozer seen above as it was demolished in 2007, shut in the 1990s and disappeared to make way for a block of flats called the Picasso. There's currently a two-bedroom flat available for rent in the building for 550 a week.