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Moroccan Soup Stand

Moroccan Soup Stand wins BBC Food award

One of Golborne's favourite street food stalls, the Moroccan Soup Stand just opposite Le Marrakech grocer and butcher at 64 Golborne Road, has won the 2012 BBC Radio Four Food Programme Best Street Food award.

The Soup Stand is owned and run by cousins Ibrahim and Mohammed Sidari. The food there includes loubia (bean), (aladass) lentil or bissara (split pea) stew with bread at an astonishingly reasonable 2.50. Grilled chicken, prawns or sardines come in a baguette or a wrap for 3.50 and fish tagine is also available.

Highly recommended are the merguez sausages which come from Le Marrakech (pictured below). Fatima from Le Marrakech was also interviewed for the awards edition of the Food Programme.

Le Marrakech

On receiving the award, Ibrahim said, "It does make an incredible difference and I am so pleased to have this award. It's an extra motivation for me to keep on in this business and hopefully to expand."

You can listen to the award here. The relevant part of the programme comes just after 39 minutes.