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Spanish food in Golborne

Spanish cuisine has a rich and varied history with influences coming from around the world. These include the Romans, the Moors, and imports from South America like tomato, potato, sweet potato, vanilla, courgettes and peppers. And we're extremely lucky here in Golborne since we have a variety of outlets specialising in Spanish food.

The Spanish love to cook with olives, garlic, lemons, peppers (sweet and spicy) and sausages including the famous pork chorizo which can be dulce (sweet) or picante (spicy). Spanish cheeses include the deliciously smoked Idiazabal and Manchego, which comes in different combinations of ewes' and cows' milk - an especially tasty one comes with an outer crust of rosemary.

The regions
Spain's cuisine varies from region to region. Valencia is famous for paella, a rice-based dish that can also include prawns, mussels, chicken and sausage. Cataluņa is known for its casseroles and sauces including alioli, a kind of garlic mayonnaise.

From Andalucia comes gazpacho, a chilled summer soup based on tomatoes with garlic, peppers, parsley and other fresh herbs.

Galicia, in the north-west of Spain is the area that many of Golborne's Spanish community come from, so it deserves its own section.

Galicia - or Gallego as it is known to many of its own inhabitants who have their own Celtic language, Gallega - is thought by many to be the richest source of Spanish cuisine. The region is famous as a fishing area and so much of its cooking involves fish and seafood.

Notable dishes include pulpo gallega, an octopus dish where the tentacles are sliced into discs and prepared with olive oil, paprika and served on a round wooden platter. Caldo Gallego is a hearty and rich winter-time soup made with meat, potatoes, beans and turnip greens.

The empanada pie is another Galician staple with its delicious saffron pastry. It can come with a wide variety of fillings including pork chicken and tuna. Other ingredients include onion, garlic paprika and peppers.

The Spanish like to eat tapas while they are enjoying a beer or a glass of wine. Tapas comes in the shape of lots of little dishes served at the bar. These include tortilla (potato omelette), chorizo (Spanish sausage) cooked in wine, berenjas (fried aubergines) and patatas bravas, potatoes in a spicy sauce. Jamon serrano is another favourite, a delicious dry cured ham cut very thinly.

The beauty of tapas is that you can eat just as much as you want - just keep on ordering the small dishes until you've had enough!

Where to find Spanish food in and around Golborne
Galicia Restaurant
Spanish restaurant with full menu, plus serving excellent tapas in the bar.
323 Portobello Road, London W10 5SY
Phone: 020 8969 3539

R Garcia & Sons
248-250 Portobello Road, London W11 1LL
Phone: 020 7221 6119
Spanish food shop with an excellent delicatessen counter.

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