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A Windrush Generation exhibition

Windrush Generation has become shorthand to describe the many thousands of people who travelled from the Caribbean islands to Britain from the 1940s onwards. And now an exhibition titled Windrush Generation: London is the Place for Me is coming to North Kensington Library on Windrush Day, from Wednesday 22 June until Friday 28 October 2022.

The exhibition will portray the lives and experiences of those brave men and women who crossed the Atlantic to help with Britain's post-WWII reconstruction. It will also celebrate the outstanding contribution these newcomers have made to the culture of North Kensington and the nation.

A Windrush Taskforce has been formed to collect and collate the memories a of Windrush Generation individuals for the exhibition. The taskforce is keen to borrow artefacts that represent the era. It's looking for things like passports, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters and records — anything that tells the story of the times.

If you would like to take part in the exhibition, tell your Windrush story or lend artefacts, please email windrush1@rbkc.gov.uk