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Wornington Green film wins Portobello Film Festival award

The Wornington Word: A People's History of The Wornington Green Estate W10 was a year-long project run by Renegade Theatre with the Venture Community Association and residents of Wornington Green. The project included oral history interviews with people living on the estate and the production of a 45-minute film, The Wornington Word. It tells the story of the estate and the massive regeneration project that has been in progress since 2011.

Deservedly, the film won the Best UK Documentary award at the 2020 Portobello Film Festival. The Wornington Word includes many poignant moments, some fond - and funny - memories, and a little sadness. Some are enthusiastic about the new flats that have replaced the homes on the old estate while others are not so happy. Many of those interviewed in the film express genuine regret at the passing of a thriving community.

You can watch The Wornington Word on Vimeo.

And you can view individual interviews used in the film and more at the Wornington Word website here.

Film Credits
Directed by: Natasha Langridge
Cinematography: Constantine Gras and Sanya Mihaylovic
Edited by: Constantine Gras
Music by: Glissando Steel Orchestra
Sponsored by: Heritage Lottery Fund
Partners: Venture Community Association