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ReCollection on Portobello Road

New art on Portobello Wall

Portobello ReCollection, a new public artwork, is now on Portobello Road on the section between Oxford Gardens and Golborne Road, opposite the Spanish School. The work is a 2-metre high 100-metre long array of LP spines running along the wall and it will be in place for next six months.

Artist Natasha Mason and photographer Teresa Crawley hit upon the simple but effective idea of gathering all the LP sleeves (thatís long playing records for our younger readers) and stacked them up as if they were on a shelve along Portobello Road. This echoes an interior decor feature that almost every home had before CDs came along.

Mason and Crawley consulted a wide range of local people to decide which albums should be represented, choosing ones that have a connection to the area.

This long stretch of previously bare brick wall has now become known as the Portobello Wall. Itís been the site for three previous public art works supported by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and local businesses. The new work is perhaps the most intriguing so far and certainly the most specific to the area.

Portobello ReCollection

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