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Story archive - 2007

Meanwhile Gardens
What's happening at Meanwhile Gardens?
Rumours about the future of Meanwhile Gardens have been cirulating in the area. Golborne Life does some digging and gets to the bottom of things

Graffiti by Banksy
Banksy comes to Golborne
Famous graffiti artist Banksy has added a piece of his work to the Golborne landscape. It’s not the first time – other examples have appeared on Golborne Road. This one’s on Acklam Road, near Portobello

Acklam Road Wildlife Garden
Acklam Road wildlife meadow - 30/08/07
In the Summer 2007 issue of Golborne Life magazine we had an item about a new wildlife meadow that had just been planted on Acklam Road. We said it would ‘be a riot of colour later in the summer.’ As the photo shows, we were right!

Golborne History
One thousand years of Golborne - 30/07/07
A thousand years ago, the area that is now Golborne Ward was part of the great forest of Middlesex. By the middle of the fifteenth century, this forest had been cleared and had been replaced by meadows and farmland.

Unhappy smiley face
After the flood - 30/07/07
The torrential rain of Friday 20th July – another nail in the coffin of Summer 2007 – caused flooding problems for many people. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea wants to find out where the worst of the local flooding took place

Inspector Andy Carter
Meet the police - 20/06/07
Read an interview with Inspector Andrew Carter who has been the Sector Inspector for North Kensington, which includes Golborne, since August last year

Vase Chinois by Claire Partington (detail)
K&C College students come out top - 20/06/07
Gunilla Karlson , studying jewellery and Claire Partington, a ceramics student, both at Kensington & Chelsea College on Wornington Road, recently won first prizes in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s annual competition, ‘Inspired by the V&A’

The Malvern
Goodbye Malvern, hello Picasso - 20/06/07
The Malvern pub, on Bevington Road just at the edge of the Swinbrook estate, has been demolished

Poetry on Golborne Road
Poetry on Portobello Road - 20/06/07
You may have noticed an intriguing development on the bit of Portobello Road just opposite the Spanish School – a series of poems attached to the wall

Golborne Road
All change for Golborne? - 26/02/07
On a wet July evening last year around 90 people came to a public meeting organised by Golborne Forum to hear about options for change on Golborne Road and to voice their views more

Moroccan garden
Moroccan Garden - 26/02/07
Meanwhile Gardens now has a splendid new Moroccan garden which features olive and palm trees, terracotta pots and decorative tiling

Grand Union Centre
Grand Union Centre: possible development - 26/02/07
Workspace Glebe, a partnership between the Workspace Group and Glebe Holdings, has plans for redeveloping the Grand Union Centre site

Trellick Tower
Al-Hasaniya back at Trellick - 26/02/07
Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre are back at their original base at Bays 4 and 5 Trellick Tower, Golborne Road