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Art by Maria de Vido (Photo by Keith Stirling)

New art on Portobello Wall

The Portobello Wall that stretches along Portobello Road from Cambridge gardens towards Golborne Road has a new exhibition of art. After something of a pause in new artworks, marred by far too much mindless tagging, it's great to see the Wall back to its best.

Image by Jean Cazals of well-known Portobello character Jama Elmi (Photo by Keith Stirling)

Cazals recently had an exhibiton of this portrait and others of Mr Elmi at Portobello Road's Muse Gallery. He told the gallery, "I saw Jama Elmi in the streets of Portobello numerous time with all his rainbow colours suits and finally approach him early 2023 to propose him to do some portraits, that he accepted straight away."

The new exhibition features 15 panels by different artists, representing a wide range of techniques and subjects. The works are mounted on boards made from upcycled waste.

For more information about the show and a list of the artists involved, visit this website.

Over the years the Wall has hosted a variety of exhibitions. Here are Golborne Life reports on some of them.

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