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New art on Portobello Wall

Local artist Fiona Hawthorne has a new show on the Portobello Wall between Oxford Gardens and Golborne Road, part of the series of public open-air exhibitions commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The series of 186 line drawings, some with colour washes, is themed on the Market with the 150th anniversary in mind.

Fiona has spent most of the last 20 years working in digital format and you may remember her previous work in 2013 on Portobello Wall, Aspects of Carnival, which mixed photographs and drawings using computer technology.

For this series of work, with the title 'One Five Zero – 150 Years of Portobello and Golborne Markets', she's taken the opportunity to use a reportage technique with line drawings executed at speed in situ along the market. She spent July 0f 2015 in cafés and on the Golborne and Portobello Markets working with sketchbook, pen and palette.

Fiona says, "I loved every minute of capturing the rare, dynamic energy of Portobello Market and Golborne Road, the stalls, traders, visitors, characters, moments and exchanges of day-to-day life."

Fiona, who lived in North Kensington for 30 years before a recent move to Shepherds Bush, also completed another public work earlier this year in Golborne, commissioned by Catalyst Housing Group. That work decorates the ramp at the front of Paul House on the Wornington Green Estate, overlooking Ladbroke Grove. Read about it here .

Prints of the exhibited works are available to buy. If you are interested, email portobellomurals@gmail.com.

Fiona Hawthorne

The commissioners of the work, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, are keen to know what you think about the artworks that are exhibited on the Portobello Wall. Let the council know what you think by dropping an email to arts@rbkc.gov.uk .

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